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Con DeArella, a truly independent artist writing, producing, and mixing all his own music from his studio in order to give the truest representation of himself to his fans. Con is also a co-owner of independent record label Redhaven Collective in which he gets to collaborate with other amazing artists and friends to bring good lovin’ and music into this world.


Con DeArella brings a great mix of alternative and indie rock with an occasional pop twist. His latest release “As The World Goes By” sees an album filled with many different styles of song ranging from the more pop centered “Beggin’ Ya Please” to more introspective and psychedelic tracks such as “Thoughts” or the synth based “Melt.” 


Priding himself on recording and playing every instrument heard throughout his songs, Con is most known for his guitar playing ability and the wide range of his beautifully toned and melodic guitar to his wildly electric heavier guitar solos often heard throughout his songs.

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