New single 'Wasted!' with Funk The Vocal is out now!

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KALYPSO a singer-songwriter from Annapolis, MD. This Pop Star is known for her recognizable piano chords and bringing out underlying emotions in her audience. Her latest work, Yellow Diamonds, will take your hand and walk with you as your goose bumps rise up. Just a preview to the success that is clearly staring at her in the face, we are all curious to see what’s next in her musical arsenal. Her lyrics pierce you- so personal yet ambiguous, so fitting to herself yet universally relatable. If you enjoy a perfect melody and a voice that brings even the skeptical to believe in love, she’s the girl for you. Watch out for this powerful young woman! Get ready for new releases in the near future.

-Jmac from Redhaven

MY debut ep "yellow diamonds" is out everywhere!

Divulge into our classic chilly bedroom single

"This time apart from you is really killing me..I play your voicemail over and over like it's surreal to me.."

Listen to our single "Poison" here!