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Tapes From Redhaven

From basement Friday Nights to late studio sessions before our flights, just think of how far our little group has come as individuals, friends, and even as musicians to create something that we will talk about for years to come..

It’s crazy to honestly see the music progress into something we can end 2017 with that will remain special to all of us forever. Before I want to begin, however, I do want to thank everybody who contributed to the album however so you may have done so, I am sorry if I have forgotten some.. But a personal thank you from the RedCo side of things..


Connor – look at where our dreams have taken us. thank you Josh – if it looks like we could win. thank you Nate – we, are, good, friend. thank you Kaylee – voice of a literal god herself, the only female this collective needs. thank you Mike – a knock away from getting me back on track. thank you Carlos – lyrics & thoughts from another view. thank you John – for writing 0 lyrics to date, you sound pretty good. thank you Austin – the potential you have is insane. explore with us. thank you Ashley – per source, you can’t sing. but you can always be involved whenever you feel. thank you.

Redhaven Collective started to form in August of 2017 in Fort Myers, Florida.

Myself & Connor always knew the potential our friends and ourselves had, but what good was just knowing something was good, when we could show the world what’s good instead. After a week of studio sessions, a few songs of Tapes From Redhaven began, and ideas started coming left and right. It was so crazy to hear one of my best friends who I’ve heard before on previous individual work sit in front of me and work with me and my ideas on what we want to accomplish.

Including a visit home during Hurricane Irma, Connor got to visit home and meet the other half of the Collective there (Josh, Kaylee, Nate) to work on some tracks as well.

After weeks and weeks of deciding, we finally set a release date to before 2017 ended.

Connor and I decided the Friday before Christmas would work, which happened to fall on December 22nd, 2017. The album features 10 Collectees and 13 songs!

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