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Enjoying The Inside

The latest album from Srae Lla Mi

"Enjoying The Inside is the second album released from Srae Lla Mi. In addition, this is the first album produced all from him with no features. The album is 27 songs and exactly an hour long. Listening to the album from start to finish, you can tell that each song is carefully crafted as one song seamlessly flows into the next. The continuous movement of sound carries listeners on a journey through the mind for a lo-fi adventure."

 -Festival Squad 

Srae Lla Mi

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Srae Lla Mi "Alafaya": Music_Widget

Hey! Its Brandt here aka Srae Lla Mi.

Thank you for checking out my page, I hope to keep this website updated with everything Srae Lla Mi in the future. If you would like, you can follow me on both Twitter and Instagram - my handle on Twitter is @worm_whatley17 and my Instagram is @Brandt17. Very much excited to see you in the future and show you what i've been working on (:

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